Michelangelo Russo (1962) is a visual artist and musician, born in Campobasso, capital of Southern Italy’s Molise Region.

From 1973-1980 he trained in the studio of well-known local artist, Franco Iannelli, who encouraged him to experiment with different techniques.

At the age of 18, he began to pursue a career in architecture and graphic design in Pescara and Rome.  


Since 2003 he has focused solely on encaustic painting.

Michelangelo’s encaustic oeuvres display great depth, evident in his Bestia series, where amidst darkness the beast appears to dominate the frame.  


In early 1990, several Italian shows after his 1988 solo debut in Rome, Michelangelo visited Berlin and quickly tapped into its artistic energy.

He established a studio in the heart of East Berlin, fertile ground for young, pioneering artists shortly after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. 


At the end of 1993, attracted by Australia's light and space, Michelangelo moved to Melbourne.

He has held numerous solo and group shows at Goya Galleries, Artefact Galleries, Anita Traverso Gallery in Melbourne, and Art House Gallery in Sydney among others.

His works features in private collections around the world: Australia, Cuba, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and USA.  


In early 2019, during the preparation of “Cartoni containers contained” exhibition at Fortyfive Downstairs Gallery 

Melbourne, August 2019, Michelangelo started collaborating with Jennifer Jabu


Michelangelo’s artistic talents extend also to music.

Since 1979, he has played in bands in Italy, Germany and Australia. He has played concerts and experimental music festivals throughout Europe and has appeared on several seminal recordings. He has also collaborated widely in projects, recording and performimg with musician/producer Hugo Race, songwriters Wendy Morrison, Andrew Ogburn and others. 

He regularly runs lessons and workshops on Encaustic Painting from his studio in Preston.