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Michelangelo Russo

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2023         -WAX works at Royal Exhibition building, Melbourne; 

                 - TRACCE-TRACES WORKS 1992-2013 at Fortyfive Downstairs Gallery, Melbourne;

                 - TRACCE 2 at One Star Gallery, Melbourne;

2022        - VELE in collaboration with Jennifer Jabu at Fortyfive Downstairs Gallery, Melbourne;

                 - cCORDA in collaboration with Jennifer Jabu at Alexandra Club, The Green Room, Melbourne;     

2021        - cCORDA in collaboration with Jennifer Jabu at Fortyfive Downstairs Gallery, Melbourne;

                 - cCORDA  in collaboration with Jennifer Jabu at Studio 11, Owen Dixon Chambers, Melbourne;

2019         - CARTONI containers contained at Fortyfive Downstairs Gallery, Melbourne;

2016         - Bestie e Dintorni at Bird's Galley, Melbourne;

2010         - Silence at Anita Traverso Gallery, Melbourne;

2007         - Petals and Thorns  at Anita Traverso Gallery, Melbourne;

2005         - WAX at Silvershot presented by Artefact, Melbourne;                       

2002          - ISO at Goya Galleries, Melbourne;

2001          - Michelangelo Russo at Goya Galleries, Melbourne;

                   - Reticoli at Art House Gallery, Sydney;

2000          - Gold at Goya Galleries, Melbourne;

1997          - For the Love of Orange at A.R.T. Gallery Eden, Melbourne;

                   - Souvenirs Grids and Scars at Art House Gallery, Sydney;

1996          - Paintings by Michelangelo Russo at Foy & Gibson Gallery, Melbourne;

1993          - Malerei Fotografiche Emulsion und Acryl auf Linewand at Pillango Gallery, Berlin, Germany;

1991          - Askartaz at Babylonia, Berlin, Germany;

1988          - Africa Musica e Legna da Ardere at Grigio Notte, Roma, Italy;

1977          - Michelangelo Russo at Galleria il Punto, Campobasso, Italy.



Selected Group Exhibitions

2022                        - Big Sculpture ‘small works’ in collaboration with Jennifer Jabu One Star Gallery, Melbourne;

                                 - PICES in collaboration with Jennifer Jabu group show, Phillip Island;

2020                        - Inaugural Group Show One Star Gallery, in collaboration with Jennifer Jabu Melbourne; 

                                 - Image_Object MONAFOMA 2020 in collaboration with Jennifer Jabu at Poimena Gallery, Launceston.

2018                        - Diaspore Italiane – Italy in Movement  at Museo Italiano, Melbourne;

2017                        - Chromatopia at Tacit Gallery, Melbourne;

                                 - Ritratti thirty one Italian artists from Victoria at Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Melbourne;

2016                        - Moth to the Flame at Salon Hang, Melbourne;

2009                        - Cut + Collate = Construct at Anita Traverso Gallery, Melbourne;

2007                        - The Only Constant at Anita Traverso Gallery, Melbourne

2004                        - Arte di ritorno at Sala dei Chierici, Biblioteca Berio, Genova, Italy;

2003                        - Seta: traditions and visions at Exhibition Building, Melbourne;

2002                        - Art Fair at Exhibition Building, Melbourne;

2001                        - Smoulder at Art House Gallery,Sydney:

2000                        - Quattro at Chiara Goya Gallery, Melbourne;

1999                        - 11th Incontro Annuale at Spazio Viola, Pavia Italy;

1997                        -10th Incontro Annuale at Spazio Viola, Pavia, Italy;

1996                        - Inaugurazione Spazio Viola at Spazio Viola, Ciego de Avila, Cuba;

1995                        - Red Ribbon at Palazzo Tursi, Genova, Italy;            

                                 - Darbo Gelsomino Negri Russo at George Paton Gallery, Melbourne;                                                

                                 - Songlines from Distant Lands at Cathedral Room ANZ Gothic Bank, Melbourne;

1989                        - 5 Artisti da Pescara at Galleria Cesare Manzo, Pescara, Italy;

                                 - Animals at Universita' Occupata, Pescara, Italy.

Private Collections

Australia, China, Cuba, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, UK, USA.


2019                        - junkies issue 17 2019, Australia; 

2018                        - Chromatopia an illustrated history of colour” by David Coles, Thames & Hudson;

                                 - Il Globo March 19, Melbourne;

2017                        - Ritratti thirty one Italian artists from Victoria Cosulate General of Italy, Melbourne;

2004                        - Il Globo ,August 10, Melbourne;

2002                        - Yarra Leader, October 28, Melbourne;

2001                        - The Sunday Telegraph, April 1, Sydney;

2000                        - The Age, emag, July 7, Melbourne;

                                 - Herald Sun, May 29, Melbourne;

                                 - The Age, May 24, Louise Ballamy, Melbourne;

                                 - Il Globo, May 24, Germano Spagnolo, Melbourne;

                                 - Herald Sun, May 23, Alison Barclay, Melbourne;

                                 - Belle, No 156 December January 2000 edition;

1999                        - Houses, issue 19;

1997                        - Herald Sun, September 15, Fiona Hudson, Melbourne;

                                 - Il Globo, September 15, Cristina Marras, Melbourne;

1996                        - Catalogue Paintings by Michelangelo Russo text by Marina Pugliese, Patricia Fullerton, Australia;

1995                        - Cover of Active Voice Magazine Vol 12 No. 2, December, Australia;

                                 - Herald Sun, April 17, Kirsty Simpson, Melbourne;

                                 - The Age, April 15, Arnold Zable, Australia;

                                 - Catalogue Songlines from Distant Land, Australia;

1992                        - Series of four postcards, Germany;

1989                        - Catalogue and series of 21 postcards, Italy.






2000                         - 3RRR High and Low with Bruce Berriman, Melbourne;

                                  - 3PBS Hugo Leschen; Art Rave Today, Melbourne;

1995                         - ABC Radio National, Arts Today with Mary Lou Jelbart, Australia;

                                  - SBS Radio Italia with Mariagrazia Gismondi, Melbourne;

                                  - 3ZZZ Radio with Anna Epstein, Melbourne;

                                  - SBS Television, Vox Populi, Australia.






Tom Alberts, Alison Barclay, Louise Bellamy, Lily Bragge, Domenico de Clario, Mariella DelConte, David Coles, Gerard Elson, Graham Field, Patricia Fullerton, Mick Harvey, Fiona Hudson, Sean Kelly, Annemarie Kiely, Carmen Lavezzari, Jeff Makin, Marina Pugliese, Hugo Race, Raoul Ravenna, Lidia Reghini Di Pontremoli, Edwina Preston, Kirsten Rann, Kirsty Simpson, Andrew Spurr, Thomas Sutherland, Jenny Tyrwitt, Germano Spagnolo, Michael Wedd, Kelwin Wong, Arnold Zable.

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